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Passport To Self Suffiency

COTS Passport to Self Sufficiency™ (PTS) was created to assist families in reaching their housing, economic, health, eduacation, and career goals as they overcome homelessness and break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their next generation, and beyond.

The theory of change that undergirds all of COTS services is COTS Passport to Self-SufficiencyTM

PTS is a research based transformative strategy of coaching and mentoring designed to create poverty resistant families by focusing on housing & family stability, economic mobility & empowerment, health & well-being, education and job training, and employment & career development.


The Passport To A Brighter Future For COTS Kids

COTS Passport to Self-Sufficiency™ (PTS) is a trauma-informed, research based, transformative whole family approach designed to create poverty-resistant families and is the overarching framework for all of COTS work. All programs and services, including shelter operations; child care; independent, affordable, and permanent supportive housing; case management; and mobility coaching are provided within the
framework of PTS.

PTS focuses on building the executive functioning skills of COTS families – skills such as impulse control, mental flexibility and memory, which are essential for families to be able to navigate today’s complex and demanding challenges to permanently end poverty and homelessness.

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